COLAB Dark Dry Shampoo

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COLAB Dry Shampoo+ Dark Corrector 200ml can

COLAB Dry Shampoo+ Dark Corrector

COLAB+ dark corrector dry shampoo powerfully absorbs oil and instantly refreshes hair with a hint of colour. Specifically formulated to complement dark tones and help blend in root regrowth, whilst vitamin E helps to care for your scalp.

This fabulous formula uses teeny tiny particles that absorb excess oil and grease from the scalp, meaning less product is sprayed onto the hair.

With COLAB, absolutely no water is needed, so it’s the perfect choice to freshen up hair quickly and on the go! Just spray, massage, and style!

COLAB is proud to be totally cruelty free, against animal testing and a vegan-friendly product.

amazing oil absorption without white residue
cruelty free and vegan friendly
perfect for all hair types colours and textures
award winning dry shampoo

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