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What makes COLAB different from other dry shampoos?
COLAB's innovative, invisible formula absorbs excess oil without white residue*, making it perfect for all hair types, colours and textures. The multi-award-winning dry shampoo is enriched with Vitamin E for scalp care and leaves hair feeling instantly clean, soft and beautifully fragranced. *after brushing, not including COLAB+.
How is COLAB+ different to regular COLAB Dry Shampoo?
COLAB Dry Shampoo+ is a collection of targeted, advanced formulas. Refresh & Protect is supercharged with active ingredients including aromaguard technology and Moringa Seed extract giving pollution protection. Extreme Volume formula features lightweight plumping powders for instant backcombed body and volume. Overnight Renew works while you sleep to renew, refresh and care for your hair and scalp. Finally, our Blonde and Dark colour correctors help disguise roots and instantly refresh hair with a hint of colour.
Can COLAB be used on all hair types?
Yes, COLAB can be used on all hair types, colours and textures. As well as bleached and colour-treated hair.
What is COLAB’s policy on animal testing?
COLAB does not and will not conduct animal testing on our finished products or ingredients, nor do we ask others to test on our behalf. All of our tests are carried out on human volunteers.
Is COLAB suitable for vegan and vegetarians?
Yes, COLAB is suitable for both vegans and vegetarians as it does not contain any animal or animal-derived ingredients.
Does COLAB Dry Shampoo contain parabens?
All COLAB products are free from parabens as we are aware of the concerns involving parabens.
Where are COLAB products made?
We are delighted to say that COLAB is designed and manufactured in the UK.

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