Make every day a
great hair day... with
COLAB Dry Shampoo.
Our mission is to be so much
more than just a quick-fix
dry shampoo.

Our advanced, everyday haircare
formulations are backed by science
and enhance your hair with more
benefits, more style & more
protection - instantly!

Be COLAB confident.

award winning, amazing oil absorption without white residue, cruelty free and perfect for all hair types colours & textures

*after brushing, excludes COLAB+

Just spray and brush
through to leave your
hair feeling instantly
clean, soft and
beautifully fragranced.

+ No white residue!*
Not even on dark hair.

Reasons to LOVE COLAB:

No white residue*

Amazing oil absorption

Formulated for all hair
types, colours and textures

Cruelty free & vegan
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